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So now you’re engaged and it’s all very exciting!  But now what?  How do you know where to begin your planning process and what wedding decisions are right for you both?

Whilst there are lots of wedding related books and magazine articles, online and in print which tell you about all the things you’ll need to prepare for your “big day” and the associated timescales, it can be very confusing and overwhelming if you don’t know what you both actually want or need for YOUR wedding.

As a celebrant I’m not into dictating nuptial, “shoulds and musts”, but I really do advocate for couples having what’s genuinely right for them.  In order for this to happen, it might seem obvious, but first you both need to have a clear sense of what’s important to you in relation to your wedding.

And this is where the book, “How To Have A Wedding As Individual As You Are”  comes in.  By wedding photographer Ross Willsher, it’s a breath of fresh air in the sea of wedding publications.

Ross Willsher Photography How to Have a Wedding as Individual as You Are(Photograph courtesy of Ross Willsher Photography)

Taking a different approach, this book provides bite-size insights to help you both focus on what’s important.  So instead of centering on lists of what you should have, “How To Have A Wedding As Individual As You Are”  inspires you to identify your own values and priorities, thus ensuring that what you decide to include in your wedding, and the suppliers you use, really are perfectly suited to you.  There’s nothing worse than going along with everyone else’s ideas, only to end up having the type of wedding you both regret!

Also amazingly, unlike most other articles and books, it views your wedding day within the perspective of your long-term marriage, not claiming it to be the only “big day” of your lives together.

Written in a down to earth, informative and at times humorous way, it makes for an easy and enjoyable read.  And in taking time together to try out the books suggestions,  can make the process of planning your wedding less stressful…maybe even fun.

So whether newly or long term engaged, now you know what next.  Happy reading!

Available from Amazon here. Or if you’d like a signed copy, head over to Ross Willshers’ website here to get in touch and he’ll happily do that for you.

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