Avoid wedding planning stress

Having got engaged, you both excitedly start thinking about how you want your wedding and scour the internet for ideas.  Before you know it you’ve got a multitude of wants and maybe’s, and your ideal wedding day is forming in your minds.

Then comes the task of turning those wedding event ideas into reality and all the things you both need to do in order to achieve it.

So many couples underestimate just how much time, thought and energy organising a wedding takes.  And how much is actually involved. On top of work, study or regular day to day life, planning your wedding, can become really stressful.

So here are some practical tips to help prevent wedding planning stress.

Check Your Calendar
If you haven’t yet confirmed your wedding date, check your calendar before you do.  Think about things you’ve got happening around your ideal date.  For example, if you’re in a job which has a very busy month or two in the spring, it’s better to aim for an end of summer or autumn wedding.  As planning on top of an already overstretched schedule, can be mega stressful – turning you into a bride or groom-zilla!

Delegate Successfully
Delegation really is the key.  But with so many stories across the internet of couples being let down by friends or family members who had said they’d carry out a wedding task for them, but failed to, how can you minimise the risk of this happening to you?

One way is instead of thinking, “My friend always goes to restaurants with me, so I’ll ask her to make the table centre pieces” or “He likes partying to great music, so I’ll ask him to be in charge of playing our wedding music”, think, “What’s their skill-set?”  Then match their skill set to the wedding job which needs those skills.

Delegating this way ups the chances of the task being able to ticked off your wedding to-do list, quickly, easily and with more peace of mind.

Avoid overwhelm
In the final month before your special day, you can both find yourselves run ragged with the amount of decisions left to make and things left to do, so much so that you both just want your wedding day to be over even before it’s happened!

To avoid this, most wedding planning sites have some form of planning tool built in.  Or Create or purchase a wedding planning note-book.  Then make a list of all the things which need to be done and when they can be done by.

For big tasks, such as planning the after celebrations, break it into smaller tasks such as: 1) Book to visit venues for hire 2) Contact music providers 3) Get Catering quotes – and so on.

And for more ease-filled planning spread out the task deadlines so that everything’s not left until the last minute.

This way you can do a manageable task or two each day or a couple of times a week, ticking them off as you go and getting everything done with the minimal of stress.

So there you have it, some tips to help prevent you getting burnt out before your big day, and enjoy your wedding, and all its planning, to the fullest.

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