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With more and more people viewing life through the lens of their mobile phones, it’s easy to conclude that technology gets in the way.  And many couples are choosing to have, “Unplugged Ceremony’s” where mobile and other devices are put away until after the ceremony has finished.

However, there doesn’t always have to be a total ban on technology, as there are ways that bits of tech can enhance and add to your ceremony.

If you know someone who’s tech savvy that’s perfect.  Assign them to do the tech bits for your wedding, for a smooth operation.  But if not, here are some tips for success when including technology in your ceremony.

Sound without wiresBlutooth speaker

Blutooth speakers are great!  They’re small, so easy to transport, inexpensive and produce good sound.  So they’re perfect if your ceremony venue isn’t providing music facilities.

To make the music transitions seamless and flowing ask the person operating them to test them out before the day, preferably with them connected to the device being used at your wedding.

They can familiarize themselves with the volume, how it’s controlled.  Whether the device playing the music needs to remain in “line of sight” of the speakers.  And check if the speakers disconnect if they’re idle.  Having officiated a ceremony where the speakers declared “You are paired” during the middle of the bride’s vows, made for humorous, yet unplanned moment.

ReadingsWedding ReadingWith a drive to be more environmentally friendly, some guests may prefer not to print their readings, but read them from a phone or tablet instead.

If so, remind them to bring a charger, so they can plug it in at the venue reception before the ceremony starts.  This way, with a topped up battery, they’ll ensure they’re saved from an embarrassing mistake of not being able to do their part.

Slide ShowsSlide Show Wedding

Slide shows are not just for business meetings.  Before, during or after your ceremony you could  include a slideshow of you both over the years or of your legal wedding, if you want to make a feature of that.

Or if you want to go the whole hog, why not make it your theme event, as this couple did here

Video calling

tech success at weddingsSometimes very special guests can’t make it, but you still want them present in some way.  Video calling via a tablet, mobile or laptop can be great for this.  Set it up somewhere where it’s out of the way but has a good view of the ceremony, and ask someone to keep an occasional eye on it, so you’ll have peace of mind that your special “virtual guest” isn’t missing out.  And if having part in the ceremony where your guests are involved, they can even be included too, just as this couple did here

If only one thing…Charging phone

If nothing else,  with whatever technology is being used, remember to ensure it’s fully charged!  Failing that, seat the person operating it near a charging socket, or ensure they have a spare battery or power bank to hand if needed.  After all, you don’t want any flat batteries, taking away from the high energy of your very special celebration.

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