Valentines Day Celebrancy

With the start of February, here are 5 tips to make this month memorable and truly loving.

1) Pop the Question: How about a February 14th Valentine’s day proposal? There’s plenty of inspiration on line, and services who’ll help you plan, if you’re not sure how to do it.

2) Get Married or have a Wedding Blessing: 14th February is a busy time for weddings, so having a relationship or wedding blessing may be easier to arrange. You could register the legal part of the marriage afterwards. And if you think it’s too late, a small intimate affair could quickly be arranged, without the need for an approved venue which may already be booked.

3) Renew Your Vows: If you’re already married, how about renewing your vows? Or asking your partner to re-marry you? Nothing says I’m still in love with you, like publically declaring your commitments a second time.

4) Start Regular Date Nights: It’s easy to fall into the pattern or complacency when you’ve been together for a while. Start regular date nights, then you can continue this trend monthly for the rest of the year and beyond, giving you both frequent special time together to look forward to.

5) Involve the Kids: Valentines doesn’t only have to be about couples. If you’ve got children, involve them and make it a family love day. Maybe they can help make breakfast in bed or do something fun for all of you.

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