Wedding Ceremony, The River Rooms Greenwich Yacht Club, London


Being an adventurous couple, this pair wanted to take their guests on an adventure too.  So in notable style, their relationship story was told in two parts.  Full of suspense and intrigue, and funny but touching tales, their guests were taken on an auditory journey of their love.

The couple were delighted to hear readings that their parents had written for the day. Everyone shared a quiet moment together, holding hands and “sending” their best wishes to the couple.  Wedding rings were exchanged with words which complimented each other and highlighted the couples  harmonious personalities.  And the ceremony was topped off with a surprise flash-mob gospel choir to sing the couple out.  All making an immersive and enjoyable wedding ceremony for all.

Wishing them both many happy future adventures together.

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(Image 2 courtesy of Inverve Photography)

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